Every man should understand that impotence is a total inability to making love, but when the potency is not as strong as it could be, it is amenable to correction. A man should not be embarrassed, complexed in front of his sexual partner and confined to his problems.

Most often, the first reaction of a man who found out that he has a problem with an erection – is avoiding of new sexual contacts with a partner. This is a fatal mistake. When a man refuses intimacy, the libido gradually decreases and this does not add self-confidence. The erection is getting worse. And there comes a time when a man need to contact the urologist.

Weak erection – is a problem for many modern men

A decrease of potency is possible even at a young age. In fact, the reasons can be very diverse. Unfortunately, many young men do not try to adhere to the right way of life, have bad habits, drink alcohol, lead a sedentary lifestyle in our days.

Such a rhythm cannot affect health status. Modern youth is subject to various stresses, fatigue, nervous exhaustion and psychological disorders. All this can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The reason for sexual problems can also be the presence of inflammation of the pelvic organs, the pathology of various organs and systems. Contaminated ecology also negatively affects the abilities of men.

What is the reason of a soft penis and rapid ejaculation?

Depending on what provoked the appearance of erectile dysfunction, we can identify several of its types:


In this case provoke violations can cardiovascular system, various hormonal failures and pathologies. Slow down the flow of blood to the genitals can stagnant processes in the circulatory system. Damaged vessels greatly complicate the filling of the penis with blood.

A similar situation can arise as a consequence of diabetes mellitus or atherosclerosis. To prevent the correct circulation of blood in the body can increase the amount of harmful cholesterol. In this case, impotence is a symptom that indicates a progressive disease.


In this case, the problem is related to how a man relates to the intimacy. At a young age, problems can arise from psychological trauma, which a person received at an early age.

Some situations in a family or an unsuccessful first sexual experience can serve as negative memories. And often the reason are constant quarrels, scandals with the wife, moral humiliation on the part of the girl or relatives. Oddly enough, an important role is played by the girl’s grooming, her look.

In order to prevent a decrease of potency at a young age, you need to change your lifestyle, do sports, daily perform a special set of exercises, get rid of bad habits.

Advantages of generics

The effect of Generic Viagra is exactly the same as you can get from the original drug, because generic Viagra is a not patented copy of brand Viagra.

The concept of Generic Viagra originated because the price of the original Viagra is very high and does not allow for most consumers to buy the drug every time they need it.

The high cost of Viagra is explained not only by the cost of production, but also by the costs of scientific, medical research, testing of the drug and of course, an almost complete monopoly in this sphere. But, the decision to create generic Viagra changed the situation.

Generics Viagra is manufactured in India by companies Ajanta (Ajanta pharmaceuticals), Cipla and others. The drug can differ by name but, the active ingredient everywhere is Sildenafil citrate.

Kamagra was the first generic Viagra, which was introduced in the market. This medicine achieved good sales due to its low price and a similar effect.

The Pfizer company filed a lawsuit against generic Viagra producers, accusing them of copying the formula and the composition of the active ingredients of the original drug.

But the manufacturer of generic Viagra has proved that the active substance of Viagra is in nature, and no one can have copyrights to it. This case ended the favor of Ajanta pharmaceuticals. The court approved the generic Viagra only after a thorough check of its components and production standards.

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